This may sound like a non-sense invitation... Nevertheless, allow me to suggest that you do absolutely nothing for 10 minutes every day... Sounds crazy? For most of us, a typical workday is like a horse race - the moment we are out of bed, the race has begun! We rush around doing things, being productive, solving problems, and checking items off our ever-so-important "to do" list. We are so busy that when the slightest glitch occurs or when something goes wrong, we fall apart and feel frustrated.

Spending a few minutes doing nothing, sitting still, embracing the silence helps prevent you for falling apart. It gives you a chance to regain prospective and to access a quiet part of your brain where your wisdom and common sense exist. Ideas and solutions will pop into your head that never would have done so in a frenetic state of mind. When you are finished doing nothing and sitting still, it will often seem like life is coming at you a little slower, which makes everything seem a whole lot easier and less stressful.

There are times when we are trying too hard and moving too fast. This is the ideal time to put on the brakes and quiet down. One of the most powerful and sure ways to achieve even more success in your life is to do absolutely nothing for a few minutes every day. It will give you a very real sense that the world will not end if we stop "doing" and start "being" some more.

Enjoy your summer being you!

With energy,