Meet Ana


Ana Scherer is a successful coach, business owner, public speaker and author, animal lover, insatiable learner, traveler, spiritual seeker, athlete and a person deeply committed to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.  She holds a BA in Political Science and International Relations from Arizona State University and is a graduated from Coach University, the leading coaching school in the world, with over 200 hours of coach specific training.

Ana has been coaching since 2001 and has a coaching style, which is honest, direct and nurturing. She worked with professional athletes, C-Suite executives, corporations, independent professionals, artists, and entrepreneurs.  She also given inspirational talks around the world including a TEDx talk in Hong Kong.  Ana is a member of the International Coaching federation and co-founder of the Brazilian ICF Chapter and founding member of the Hong Kong ICF Chapter.

She was a professional swimmer and, amongst many of her accolades, are the titles of South American Record holder and Brazilian swimming champion for 12 years, Pan-American Games silver medalist, 10th fastest backstroker in the world in 1992, World Master Champion and the winner of four gold medals at the Maccabiah, in 2015.  Ana was also an All-American and NCAA finalist competing for Arizona State University.   Ana is a natural athlete and keeping her daily routine of exercises gives her energy and clears her mind.  She lifts weights, practices Pilates and yoga, and plays tennis regularly.

Through the Women Who Rise Program you will:

  • Have a trusted support system that helps you gain confidence and clarity about your next career moves.
  • Develop strong and healthy relationship with your loved ones during these difficult pandemic times.
  • Feel secure in your job and have reserves so that your sustenance and that of your family is guaranteed freeing you from anxiety.
  • Meet your needs now so that you feel peaceful and strong to face your future with confidence.
  • Feel confident and walk with your head high knowing that you have what it takes to succeed in life according to your own terms.
  • Develop a healthy relationship with money allowing it to flow in and out of your life with easiness and grace.

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"I could not wait for another session with Ana!  The discovery process brought me so much clarity that in only one month I knew where I wanted to take my business next.  The result was a major difference on my bottom line.  Coaching works!"
Wandeka Pinhao - Business Owner, Brazil

“Learning that I was letting my needs drive me was an eye-opening experience! Finding ways to meet my needs in a healthy manner, allowed me to uncover my values and live from them. What a difference! My life turned around 180 degrees and today I am a very different person than the one I was 6 months ago. Ana was a great guide and a beautiful teacher. Her coaching was imperative for me to become the person I am today – a person I love and respect! Thanks Ana for your coaching and for being a model to me!”  
Pamela Palma – Fund raising director at Miami Art Museum, USA

"I hired Ana because of the person she is:  successful, experienced entrepreneur, former world-class athlete and filled with energy.  I wanted all that for myself as well.  She helped me go through a major life transition - a divorce - with grace and sanity.  I cannot thank her enough for being there when I needed her!"  
Grazi S. - Interior Designer, USA

"When I hired Ana, my main goal was to get married within a year.  I was a successful lawyer, had my own apartment, made a great living, but could not find a partner.  After working with Ana for 6 months, I married the man of my dreams and one year later was pregnant with our first child!  I made great shifts in my way of thinking and learned that blaming others wasn't going to help me grow and get what I wanted from my life.  I thank Ana for helping me change my deep seated false beliefs and for pushing me to take actions toward my goals.  I recommend Ana as a higly effective coach to anyone."  
Leah L. - Lawyer, USA

"I needed to change the direction of my life and the most effective way to do that is to hire a coach.  Ana was godsend and during the time we worked together I faced my worst fear and came out a winner!  Ana was a gentle and strong guide that helped me through the process of taking personal responsibility for my life and for my actions.  Our work together was paramount for me to take the next step and take charge of my choices and consequently, of my life." 
Debbie C. - PR and model, USA